Help Preserve New Jersey History

History matters and NJ has a special history that makes New Jerseyans proud. But many of our historic sites are in danger due to poor maintenance, threats of demolition, and lack of resources.

The New Jersey Historic Trust plays a key role in preserving New Jersey history for future generations. It has funded historic preservation projects in every part of the state.

Since 1967, Trust grants have helped to leverage hundreds of millions of dollars of public and private money to restore historic sites in every county of the state.

An important source of funding is the proceeds from the Discover NJ History license plate.
Every New Jerseyan can help keep New Jersey's rich history alive for the future by purchasing and displaying the Discover NJ History license plate now.

Here's how you can purchase the Discover NJ History license plate


You can purchase your Discover NJ History license plate from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission or through your auto dealer. The cost is $50 with a $10 annual renewal fee.

Through your auto dealer:
Ask to order the Discover NJ History plate when buying or leasing a new car. Most dealers will handle all the details.

Through the NJ MVC
Go to

Step 1
Enter your zip code, driver’s license, Social Security number and click “continue.”

Step 2
Read the Terms and Restrictions. Enter your current plate number. Click “continue.” Confirm your shipping address.

Step 3
Select specialty plate category: Discover NJ History

Step 4
Verify Discover NJ History specialty plate selection. Click “continue.” Continue to payment and submit.

To customize your plate, download the Personalized Plate Application at, fill out, and mail back to the MVC.
If you have a leased car, contact the Special Plate Unit at (609) 292-6500, Ext. 5061.


  • I can’t imagine a world where we don’t know what happened before. There’s a richness about a place that has a story to tell. There are profound lessons we can take away personally and we are inspired about people who made a difference.
    Janet W. Foster, Board Member, Chair of NJ Historic Trust, Co-Chair Madison (Morris County) Historic Preservation Commission, Member NJ State Review Board

  • People say forget the past, but it’s always what we remember. Our history helps us connect to where we came from, so we can move forward and grow.
    Michael Ruggiero, Senior, The College of New Jersey

  • I purchased the Discover New Jersey license plate because I wanted to support NJ history…to save all the wonderful things we have in NJ. I have a grandson. It’s for the future…for the generations to come. We are getting older as a country and it’s time to save what we have that is 300 or 400 years old.
    Mary A. Prendergast